Al Murtadin Nafa Urbach

Nafa Urbach, A Palestenian-Javanese breeding. Doing heressy in her middle age by converting to Christianity, she faces the decreasing moment of her famous as the impact. As you know, Indonesian fans mostly moslem. It is the anti-thesis of Dian Sastro, she turned to Islam and enjoy the increasing famous on her carreer of course.
Zack Lee is the man, he then follow to convert to Christianity from Buddhist, he is the anti-thesis from Marcell and Dee, the strange couples from Bandung which converting from Christianity to Buddhist. Yeaah, this is free country, whether you are a religious or not, that's not the problem. The problem is if you start to convince that MIMITMAMAT! is a religion LOL....

Hot Nafa with dirty yellow costume....weleh!

Nafa_UrbachShe used to be a hot girl....weleh!

Nafa_UrbachFake or natural ? Free or pay ?....weleh!

Nafa_UrbachWhite or black is not the problem, the problem is boobs or veggy ?

Gadis_IndonesiaThe husband's bad influence, tatto and banditism....

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  1. Poor her, I know her like my own sister, and now she wants to comeback as a moslem but kindda shame and afraid....May Allah SWT help her..Ameen...

  2. free of course..
    pay for nafa? foolish banget...

  3. hey, behave yourself buddy....or else....!

  4. welcome to your old religion sister...

  5. yang punya barang gede hubungin aja doi

  6. hey.. why u people always care about religion... huh.. Let her decide herself.


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