Paramitha Rusady, the older the hotter...

the most beautiful chin in the world....!

paramitha_rusadyfresh and young....!

paramitha_rusadyin religious style....!

paramitha_rusadyin sundanese style....!

She is, still adorable at her 'sunset-time'. We mean, how could someone with 2 ruined-married-life before can be so fresh in style ? She worth to get Oscar for that ! She used to be gang-banged by Ongky Alexander in Catatan si Boy, and then becoming a hot tante with younger gigolo as we known by Gunawan, while after that...she need a bigger torpedo, by married some jerk from Croatia ?

The point is...'sing penting bule-syndrome' is over-hyping this actress by then....and now, she wants her Arabian Horse back to its belong, Sascha Mustafa... a son of Benny Mustafa, the twin of older bastard from Soeharto Regime....

And who the hell Benny mustafa ? Yeah buddy, he is the drummer of Ireng Maulana All Stars, as Hadra-Maut decent...he worth to be a drummer...than rebana lol....

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  1. Dibalik wajah lembut nan bergairah, teraliri darah yang meledak2 jika amarah timbul.. benarkah ??? hanya ex suaminyalah yang tahu...
    Not only di ranjang saja galaknya... weleh..weleh... mau tuh gue.. yang di ranjangnya ajza deh...

  2. ku tunggu walau janda heeeee

  3. MAAAAT! pahanya kok gak lo tampilin. Udah kadung napsu nih


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