Sarah Azhari's going to go to Umroh

sarah_azhariBetter late than never....

I was lost....

sarah_azhariI'll face the new brighter days to come....

sarah_azhariDeddy Mizwar : " I feel I'm a worse sinner in this umroh pilgrimage....yeah, you bet boss :P

Sarah Azhari - belum cukup gede

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What if the devil itself going to heaven ? HELL'S FROZEN then. But like we all now, better late than never...the sinner is always poured with love from Allah the almighty if she turn to the right way....let see Sarah Azhari's new horizon of life, only time will tell...Lookslike she follows the Inneke Koesherawati's way....


  1. BULL SHIT...! she's just like any indonesian hypocrit adult actress' [after she got lots of money from show of her nice tities/boobs or even flash of her hairy pussies, not to mention her browny asshole, so she thought she could wash her sins away by following sacred journey to he holy land!?] in other words --> you name it, starts from Yati Oktavia, Yenni Rachman of 80's, till inneke koesherawaty at mid/late 90's, etc...

    what a full of BUllSHITs actress' we have in our lovely decadence country!

  2. Wow, relax man, easy....take your breath deeper...hehehehe...we know it all, but can we get some optimistic view here ?

    Let say, SHE DOES want to turn her ruining life to some worthy-life ?

  3. Give her a chance,only people who have never tried sincerely to follow a straight path,accuse others of hypocrisy.Were all hypocrites,denying our won and accusing others of it ,is even more hypocitical!


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