Dian Sastro - Esquire Men Magz's Playmate

A few but kills ! That's the exact phrase for a few Indonesian Actress who managed their 2b, Brain and Beauty. Yessy Gusman is for the pioneer, she was the biggest star at that time before going to States to get her scholarship. If she didn't go, Lidya Kandou is no one !

And now we got Dian as the Assistant of Lecture in University of Indonesia majoring in philosophy, the hard one though ! No wonder as her grandpa's is a professor from the same University. well then, it self-explanatory why she dumped the Yapto's son....brain rules ! at least for that time...

But hey.... eventually all that good things' gone, actress is an actress they sell what they got to sell, their BODY ! This is a matter of meat trade only...no more !

dian_Sastroyour lips baby...your lips....!

Dian Sastro as juicy playmate...wow !

Dian sastro - Belahan dada



  1. Diaaaaaaaaaaan ! I love youuuuuuuuuu !

  2. how about me....
    by : loverman


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