Dewi Persik Sex Scenes in Paku Kuntilanak The Movie

dewi persikFirst, she opens her legs wide....weleh!

dewi persikSecondly, she enjoys this man....weleh!

dewi persikThird,after-sex party....weleh!

dewi persikFourth,fatigue to death....weleh!

dewi persikLast, becoming Kuntilanak as she died in committing adultery!

The way Dewi persik steps her career in Indonesian Adult Industry is likely getting better. She is not ashamed anymore being labeled by Porn star ! As she is. This sex scenes are the strategic ways of Indian-Fucker-Head producers of all Indonesian trashed movie makers, to get some Rupiahs more !
After doing a sex movie with her ex-husband, the gay-wannabe-dangdut-singer Saipul Jamil (pls stick to use 'P' instead of 'F'), Dewi is getting nasty more ! She looks addicted to do sex movies...
Well...congratulation to you Dewi, as being the newest Indonesian Porn star...

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