Rani Juliani Wedding pics....

rani julianisiri my ass....

rani julianican i kiss your boobs babe ?

rani julianipatient hon, tonite I give your ball a special par !

No honey, I want a hole in one pls !
Rani Juliani, an overnite celeb, a fortunate caddy as she got IDR 300 Billion in her pocket ! Yes billion ladies and gentlemen ! That's all the money, no hoax allowed here ! Can you believe it ? From now, you got to make a decision of your carreer path, be a CADDY instead of your poor job now !
OK, let's back to our focus, do you have any idea the meaning of siri ? Siri is Arabic word or HIDDEN ! A hidden one should be cover by all means ! Above pics is definitely clear and open 100 %, what's the siri then ?
Last, Nazaruddin explained that he's a pilot to Rani's family ! Hahahahahaha...those bastard got his own karma then...
We don't want to curse the late Nazaruddin, but at least take some morals from there....lying, whatever the reason is BAD !

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