Marissa Haque,the Iron Avenger....

let's kill Atut....weleh!

After her loss to Ratu Atut for Banten's Governor poll, she burned in deep revenge, and she said she will catch Ratu Atut to hell ! She follows Bu Mega, but loss, and then follow PKS , loss again..and now she only depends on her husband, ikang Fauzi as PAN's caleg....they has sold their restaurant and pubs chain from Bandung to Ancol to pay their politics !
No wonder, Ikang Fawzi make a fool himself to star the on-clinic this ad represent the impotent man...yeah, when you got no money anymore, any foolish jobs worth to try !

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  1. naaaah... lihatlah ini komentar dari ustad jazuli Juwaeni anjing geladaknya Ratu atut chosiyah yang kalah dari Film satr Rano Karno! kasihan deh PKS banten!


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