Yuni Shara will be available shortly !

Yuni Shara and her wonderful Camel toe....!

Yuni_SharaSmall but hot....!

Yuni_SharaShe looks younger isn't she ?

Yuni_SharaAdorable Yuni in purple

Yuni_SharaCutty lil Yuni

video clip Pelangi - Yuni Shara

Yuni Shara makes a controversial news again...if you guys remember, this sister of KD has married once with some pervert playboy from Manado, and sell their sex tape all over the net....then she went to a High Class crook's arm, lately this Bataks guy get the deep shit with Indonesian Police Corruption's case and was hit by KPK once....and looks like other shits will follow !

And Yuni get her own escaping plan, before everything going to deeper the dangdut singer, Kristina !

The moral of this story is : don't ever marry the celebrities for you the haves, as if you get the deep shit they'll abandon you soon! For the celebrities, if you want to marry some riches, make shits come after....

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  1. uang dari internet6:52 PM, June 03, 2008

    hehehe koleksi ah...


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