Stachy Lubis,a revolt teen...

What happen if a revolt teen meet with a bastard ? A SCANDAL !
Nope, you're wrong, a mass media coverage for national TV's...that's why Rico Ceper do this action, like other so called Indonesian Celebs, popularity is among the most important things in the world to them. They do all they got to do, by all means to get their popularity in higher ranks of Indonesian TV's show !

And a teen like Stachy is just a victim or an actress ? You decide....

mirror....mirror on my palm, who's the cutest one?

Stacey_Lubismirror2 in the wall who's going to peep my pussy ?

Stacey_Lubisa tatto called papillon....and i'm a good girl...yeah baby !

Stacey_Lubisinnocent but camuflache....

Stacey_LubisYes, Stacey Valentine to be exact....

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