Dewi Persik - The toket accident....

The fresh widow strikes back !

You guys remember the 2nd Classical Newton Principle ? You got it right, when there's action there's re-action!
Action : Dewi Persik show her nice boobs off to us...
Re-Action : some pervert guy can't stand to see it..then..he tried to grab those melons...hmm yummy...!
2nd tier reaction : Dewi punched those poor bastard...

Moral of the story : If you want to have dewi Persik's boobs, learn Kung fu !

Hi all, I'm back...

toket_dewi_persikHow's my boobs, aren't they lovely ?

toket_dewi_persikOk...all of my fans get my sign..don't worry...!

toket_dewi_persikbe patient guys.......!

toket_dewi_persikHey, what the fuck are you doin' ?

toket_dewi_persiku bastard ! If you want my boobs, PAY !!

toket_dewi_persikI kill you...these boobs ain't cheap anyway....!

toket_dewi_persikWatch my 'kunyuk melempar buah' fist ! Ciaaaaat !!

Dewi Persik - Goyang Asoy

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