Cinta Laura in Bali's Bikini- Hidden Cams...

This teenage not-so-fluent-of-Bahasa-Indonesia
TV star have her good time recently in Bali. But oops, like we can see here, her butt shows-up, reflect her skinny body an no-boobs-yet breasts. But who knows for 1 or two years next, we can see a new hop for boobs blooming.....wish her luck !

pantat_cinta_lauraperfect place to my new bikini!

pantat_cinta_lauraThe holy sea, here I come !

pantat_cinta_lauraO, shit, something happened in my backyard !

pantat_cinta_lauraAnybody, I run out coins, pls gimme some more !

pantat_cinta_lauraOMG, Do I have to wait up to dark's coming ?

The moral of those fotos, pls bring more coins when you are in Bali, especially with bigger bikini !

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